The 2018 Gourmet Guide for Anguilla by Skyviews Inc.

I was approached by Skyviews as a local designer to do the layout of the Anguilla Gourmet Guide. Definitely an honour as Skyviews has been doing the Gourmet Guide and our local Anguilla Tourism Maps for a number years an they chose this year to use a local designer. This was also the guide that followed Hurricane Irma, so based on this they chose to use a local designer as a way in stimulating the economy.  

Have a look at the Digital version of the Gourmet Guide.

Because I was brought on to this project I was able to offer the use of some of the photos taken by my wife Vanessa C. Thompson  for the cover. She provided us with a Drink Photo and a desert photo for the cover. 

I was also able to get my clients Blue Sea Anguilla and Anguilla Villa Company AD space .
Our opening pages are a welcome from our very own Anguilla. The Gourmet Guide Welcome and our table of contents. 
Each Restaurant Page provides you with a brief experience via images of the establishments best dish, best cocktail and some  images of the ambience. They also specify all the necessary details that will help you select the best place to eat based on your mood, location or budget. 
Our AD space went out to two of my Clients, Anguilla Villa Company and Blue Sea Anguilla. We also have Tradition Sailing and Leviticus Lifestyle and Travel.
DON'T GET LOST!, Here s is the map of where everything is located.                                                           
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